Mission: In rebuilding a significant portion of the library of congress, a statement is made regarding ‘American’ architecture and not only its ability, but its need, to revise history as well as reintegrate and celebrate communities that make up our country.

Vision: We believe that ‘American’ architecture is not owned by anyone, but a site of continual infusion and transformation for all cultures and identities that come and make it their home.

The shifts, slips and extrusions provide views and understandings of the existing architecture that were not previously possible. Simultaneously, by embedding the museum within the existing architecture, there is an even greater appreciation for the addition, by way of contrast.


Within the shifting, spaces such as balconies, exhibition spaces and courtyards were prioritized. 
Art exhibits and installations both create new spaces within the building as well as claiming and taking over the existing architecture.

Contributions: Concept ︎ Modeling︎ Design  ︎ Rendering
Additional Contributors: Sam Radice