Nature is both a perpetual and ephemeral wallpaper to human action. Ever-present and ever-changing, our perspectives on nature inform our understanding of the world and our place in it. But what exactly constitutes “nature” today is complicated. Framing our surroundings through a built object can help to inform these perspectives. We can call it Outlook Island.

Sited between the Channel Islands National Park and the coastline of California, the object is surrounded by nature, but doesn’t blend in.


Excerpt from final presentation video:

“It’s perfectly artificial shape makes the built object stand out against the linear horizon of ocean and landmass: a floating torus, allowing a full 360 degrees of unobstructed views. The floating terminal contains a variety of programs that allow the visitor to experience  nature in a new way”.

Contributions: Concept ︎ Modeling︎ Design  ︎ Rendering  ︎ Video Editing
Additional Contributors: Amy Robles